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Local Grocery Stores

Fast and Friendly Local Grocery Stores


In the Brantford area, Bhathal Grocery is one of the best local grocery stores that have general goods and basic necessities available at affordable prices! Located in the heart of Brantford, ON Bhathal Grocery is close by and convenient for many in and around the local area. They have made it a point to keep hours that are convenient for the single parent, the busy mom, or the late working student. If you are someone who wants to get the shopping done and over with as quickly as possible then there is no better place to go that Bhathal Grocery! Whether you are running in for a few necessities or doing the week’s grocery shopping with the kids in tow, shopping will be faster and easier than it has ever been before when you come here for your grocery shopping needs! Come and see it for yourself and see why you will never want to go back to your old grocery store again!

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